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Everything will have a last time

October 14, 2022

From Pastor Joe Wamack

I won’t be at church tomorrow, Church Family. I will be going to my home state of Ohio to see a friend who has cancer (for the third time). Also-this past week, I was informed my older sister, Rosalie, has cancer. I am reminded of the heartache associated with living in a world where everything put together sooner or later falls apart. This world keeps moving and changing, reminding us of the Eternal, Unchanging Goodness of God and an increased longing for His Presence and Heaven. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

It causes me to reflect and remember a time I was walking through the halls of the hospital behind a mother and her little boy. I watched as the little boy reached to hold his mother’s hand, while at the same time, her hand reached for his. It was one of those spontaneous moments that happens between parent and child-those moments that so frequently happen.

Seeing that mom with her little boy brought back many warm memories of many walks I had with my two sons, as we walked from the car to the store or crossed the street. I would take hold of their hand and then I knew they were safe and secure. Many times, I had both of my hands busy with two boys! I miss those days. I miss holding their hands. I miss them needing me like that. Where did those days go?

I realized-there was a time we were walking, and holding hands, but it was to be the last time I would ever hold their hand-but I wasn’t aware it was the last time. Maybe they decided they were too big or could manage alone-I don’t remember. But it happened. I had one last time holding my son’s hands, and I wasn’t aware it was the last time. It passed without any fanfare of trumpets. I wish I had known! I could have taken a picture or written down the date. Rarely can we know when the last times will be. There is a last time for everything-there will come a time when you feed your baby a bottle, change a diaper for the last time, or lay them down for a nap for the last time. One day you will scrub their hair in the bath for one last time and from that day on they will want to bathe alone. There is a day when you read the final bedtime story.

The thing is, you won’t even realize it’s the last time-until it’s passed. And even then, it takes a while to realize it is gone. Life has changed-people have changed-YOU have changed. Why can’t Life freeze right where you want it?! Because Time waits for no one. Like sands through the hourglass-these are the days of our lives.

There is only one day God has made and that day is TODAY. The past is gone, the future's not ours to know, but we can know Who holds the future in His Hands. You can trust Him with that future because He owns it. So, He has given us these times. So, while you are living in these times, remember “these times” are numbered and when they are gone, they are no more.

The God of Infinity has many more things in store for those who love Him! So, savor these times because they are fleeting. Hold on to those hands, kiss those cheeks a little bit more, tell the people you love that you love them.

Because someday everything will have a last time. Even so-come Lord Jesus!


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