10 Days of Prayer

January 10-20
7:00 p.m. | Cradle Roll Room

You are invited to something incredibly powerful - an opportunity to come together as a family and pray.

Plan on this time each night to last between 30 to 45 minutes. Come and go as your schedule allows, but please remain reverent and quiet as you enter and exit the room.

During this time, we encourage you to pray for 7 people to begin a relationship with Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in these 7 names. There is a box in the lobby where you can place the names of those you are praying for during this time. We will be praying for these people on January 19. 

Below are the themes for each day.
Even if you aren’t able to attend each night, you can still be praying at home, work, etc.

January 10 | Thankfulness
Take time to remember how God has led and blessed you and your family in 2017. 
Thank Him for His blessings, protection and faithfulness.

January 11 | Forgiveness & Humility
Are there areas in your life that you long for His forgiveness?
Are there hurts, bitterness, resentment, doubt, self-sufficiency that you would like to relinquish for forgiveness, healing and God's grace?

January 12 | Unity
Take time to pray for a strong bond with God and each other, unity for our denominational church leaders and for our local church, pastors and new ministry leaders in 2018.
Ask God to unify us with a deeper love for Jesus and each other.

January 13 | World Mission/Local Mission
Pray for how to spread the love of Jesus throughout the world and in our own community.
Pray for God's protection and guidance and for hearts to respond to God's calling, along with the courage to go wherever He calls.

January 14 | Teachers & Adventist Schools (global and local)
Pray for God's protection, guidance and wisdom in their teaching about God and in their interactions with students and families.

January 15 | Families
Pray for God's protection and guidance to grow strong marriages and families that are grounded in Jesus.
Pray for your own family and those in our church.

January 16 | Our Youth & Young Adults
Pray that God will protect and bless them in their studies at school and as they enter the workforce and careers. May they be grounded in their faith and Jesus, and may they flourish as strong leaders in our church and community.

January 17 | Healing
Pray for areas in your own life you long for God's healing hand.
Invite anyone who would like special prayer for physical, spiritual and emotional healing to attend for a special service.

January 18 | MAC Prayer Requests
There is a white board in the lobby where you can write your prayer requests. We will spend time praying over these requests.

January 19 | Intercessory Prayer | Candlelight Service
Pray for the hearts of God's children to accept Jesus as their Savior and friend and that God's relentless love will reach His children.
Pray for the 7 people that the Holy Spirit laid on your heart at the beginning of this journey.

January 20 | Sabbath
Take time to show thankfulness and praise for all that God has done, is doing and is going to do on behalf of His children.

We hope you will feel God's presence during this time as you spend specific time with Him, praying for the people and situations in your life and in this world.

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