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Count the Cost

July 21, 2022

From Joseph Wamack

A farmer drove to town to buy a new truck. He had seen ads on TV-low prices, factory rebates, and 0% interest, so he decided it was time to get a brand new truck.

A salesman greeted him. The farmer said he wanted a new truck like the one he had seen on TV. After picking out the one he liked, he proceeded to write a check for the amount he had seen advertised on TV.

The salesman said, “Wait, I haven’t told you the final price yet.” The farmer said, “You advertised your price on TV, that’s what I want to pay.” “Yes,” replied the salesman, “but that was for the basic pickup. You picked one with lots of options. You got the V-8, leather interior, lined bed, and navigation.” The farmer, grumbling and shaking his head, ended up paying thousands more than he expected.

About six months later, the farmer was selling cows through an ad in the paper. He got a phone call from a man who had seen the ad. The man on the phone was looking to buy a cow for his son’s 4-H project. The man asked about the price, which the farmer said was $500. He assured the man he had several nice cows to choose from for $500.

When the man arrived to pick a cow, the farmer recognized him as the salesman who had sold him the truck. The man picked the cow he wanted and proceeded to write a check for $500. The farmer said, “Wait, I haven’t told you the final price yet. That price you saw in the paper was for a basic cow. You picked one with lots of options.” and then handed him this bill that read:

Basic cow $500.00 Two tone exterior 45.00 Extra stomach 75.00 Product storing equipment 60.00 4 spigots@ 10.00 each 40.00 Leather upholstery 125.00 Dual horns 45.00 Automatic fly swatter 50.00 Fertilizer attachment 185.00 Grand total 1125.00 Whether you are buying a car or a cow, it is always a good idea to count the cost before you make a commitment. Commitment takes an investment of time, talents and usually sweat and pain. Anything worth having is worth working for.

Today may you realize all the good things God wants to give you. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. You will have to commit your life to Him. Count the cost on things worth having, worth investing in.-then go for it! God bless you today.


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