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Christmas Gifts

December 18, 2023

From Pastor Joseph Wamack

Christmas gifts-what a long trail of shirts, toys, books, cds, games, gift cards, ties etc I have gotten during my life. And where are most of those gifts now? Gone to the gift graveyard, every one.


When I was a boy, Christmas revolved around gifts. The gifts have certainly changed over the years. As a boy, I received books, a bike once, a basketball and toys-as I matured-the gifts changed to shirts, ties, belts, and ugly sweaters.

When my wife and I had our two boys, we attempted to keep it fairly simple. I do remember finally relenting and allowing them to get a Nintendo and Adam later got a Game Boy, but I hated buying electronic stuff. I felt like it was taking the easy way out. Electronics make people SIT and turn into couch zombies.!


I am glad I don’t have younger kids now-everybody has to have a smartphone, an IPad and other expensive gadgets. Who makes that kind of money? (He asked rhetorically). It’s like an elaborate joke-(“yes a 12 year old needs a phone and their own TV, computer, and IPad-everyone else has one!”)


Here is my simple, yet obvious statement of fact. Christmas is not about stuff!  Be creative-try giving someone a homemade gift certificate, redeemable for an hour of your time, or read to a child or take them to a park or do service together. Give them your time. Time is really the only gift you can give. Time is Life. That’s why Jesus came and LIVED here. He gave us His time. He gave us His life. The Joy of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence.


Because electronics will need to be updated, clothes will be outgrown or out of style. If it is food, you will eat it or it will become stale. Those gifts don’t last. The best gifts actually cost nothing-at least in money.

May I offer the following gift list this year?

Christmas gift suggestions:

To your enemy-forgiveness.

To a friend-acceptance

To your family-Love.

To a customer-excellent service.

To every child-a good example.

To yourself-respect.

To God-your heart

Merry Christmas Everyone. It is my joy to be a part of your life and to serve God together with you. May the Peace of Christ be yours.


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