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Because God is Love

January 3, 2024

From Pastor Joseph Wamack

With the recent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays, it took my "not quite as sharp as it used to be" mind, back 40 years ago. I met my wife Vonnie in November 1982. She worked in the Admitting Department at a hospital in San Diego and I worked at the same hospital on the Psychiatric Unit. We hit it off right away and began dating. I knew she really liked me because she brought me an entire lasagna for Thanksgiving. I must say that I quickly fell in love with her, and she with me.


During the month of December, we grew to know each other more and found our discussions turning to love, marriage and long-term dreams and goals. She wanted a religious Christian home. The only problem was-I wasn’t a Christian. I had no problems with her going to church or doing her cute little prayer things but did not want her to force it on me. Finally, after many heated discussions about God, the Bible, salvation, morals, the future, our wants, desires and hopes, she broke up with me, on New Year’s Eve.


So now, 1983 found me foot loose and fancy free-no attachments, no girlfriends cramping my style-it was just me! The only problem was-I was miserable. I was surprised I still cared for her so much after she dumped me-I mean-after I dumped her. This is when I first realized there was something special about her to me.


We both worked in the same building, but I didn’t really want to see her, as it would hurt, and I don’t think she wanted to see me either-maybe for other reasons. But I could not get her out of my mind. And I hated it. Sometimes, love hurts.


That’s a peculiar thought-that love hurts. And not just romantic love. Find any parent who has not ever cried over a child and ask them if love doesn't hurt. Find any spouse who has a mate who is less than they desire and ask them if love doesn't hurt. Find me a sibling who has not cried over a sister or brother who has been cruel. Find me a child who has not cried when the parent was less than loving or kind or rejected them outright. Love is the center of the human experience, probably because God wired us to love. God is Love and, in our hearts, He has placed a yearning to be loved and to share love. But along with that desire comes risk-the risk of rejection and the risk of hurt.


My story has a happy ending-I got the girl and found God along the way as well, because love contains a well spring of beauty. But Love can still hurt. God sent His Son out of Love and that led to hurt. So don’t judge God by your hurt. Evaluate the hurt by God’s love. God gave us freedom to love because He is love. Freedom involves risk. Risk can lead to hurt. But keep on loving anyway. It is worth it. Don’t be hesitant to step forward into 2024. Yes, there will be hurt. I can guarantee it. But with God’s grace, there will be rich learning, and satisfaction. And love, lots of love. Because God is love.


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