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March 6, 2024

From Jackie Payne

Several months ago I came across a description of atonement that said atonement is "as if I never sinned". That struck me so hard, and it's something that I still come back to over and over. I often view God's forgiveness of my sins as a washing away or cleansing, which it is. But to think of Jesus' atonement for my sins as actually erasing the history of my sins is a gift even deeper and more powerful.

So when we hear that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, it means that atonement not only erases our sin, but it also frees us from shame. If we hold onto the shame of our sins, are we really believing God's promise of atonement? If we bludgeon ourselves for our mistakes and ask for forgiveness over and over again for the same sin, are we really believing God's promise of atonement? If we let our minds loop on that stupid thing we did or said two years ago and think God can't do anything with us, are we really believing God's promise of atonement?

Today, give your sins to God. Be free from the shame of sin. If you hear that voice tell you that you have to ask forgiveness again for something you've already brought to Him or that you can't possibly really be forgiven...guess what? That's not God talking to you. That's the father of lies. Call it out and move forward in the peace and atonement of Jesus, because He loves you too much to let you linger in that shame-filled space. He wants you to lean into Him and accept His most amazing gift.


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