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Be Still

April 28, 2022

From Jim Hundertmark

Greetings MAC Family!

Pavel Goia was a young boy, but he still remembers the day when the Romanian Secret Police came knocking on the door of his home. At the time Romania was a Communist country and any act that had to do with Christianity was strictly prohibited. Anyone who was caught participating in Christian worship or activities would be subject to the harshest penalties.

Pavel started to cry. His mom started to cry. Stacked all around their living room were boxes, 40 in fact, filled with the Bibles that their family distributed! Pavel’s dad tried to reassure them - they served an awesome God. He said, ‘This isn’t our work, it is God’s. Who are we? Are we Peter? Are we Paul? Jesus, the Son of God gave His life for us. We shouldn’t expect to be treated differently.’ Pavel’s dad prayed and opened the door.

The police, having been tipped off by a fellow church member who sent them pictures, knew exactly for what they were searching. ‘You have Bibles here!” they stated. ‘We are coming in to search.’ And with that they pushed past Pavel’s father and began searching the house. Pavel, his mother, and his father waited silently amongst the boxes in the living room. The officers searched the house over and over, walking amongst the boxes in the living room, but not once did they open a single box. After more than 2 hours of ransacking the rest of the house, the police concluded that there were no Bibles in the house and left.

I heard Pavel tell this story this week. It reminded me of my favorite Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God…” We serve an awesome God! God loves us in ways we can not fully understand, but when we grasp a glimpse of that love and learn to trust in it and in Him, we can be still.

MAC family, whatever is on your heart and mind today, turn it over to Him. Remember, He is on the throne of the universe, and His loving eyes are always on you! Whatever you face, He is the answer.


~Principal Hundertmark


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