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Good Storytelling

February 24, 2022

From Jackie Payne

Do you like stories?

Each morning and afternoon, my kids and I listen to an audiobook in the car. I've found this is the best (and oftentimes only) method of stopping the arguing on our drive. Even though these are kids' books, I find myself being drawn into the story, and if it's a really good book, I am left wondering what will happen next. That's good storytelling.

Yesterday morning I was talking with Pastor Joe about the significance of reading the Bible in its entirety over a year. While it doesn't allow you to slow down and spend time really thinking through different passages, it does give a whole picture of God's work through His people at that time. It tells the story of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Their plan of salvation for us. It tells the story of countless screwed up people who have been used for God's purposes. It tells the story of forgiveness and grace and Jesus' sacrifice. It tells the story of Love. And when you read the entire Bible or at least large sections, it's sometimes easier to see a better picture of Him as the story unfolds.

When you read the Bible, whether it's going through the plan we're using this year or something on your own, are you left wondering what you'll discover next? Do you have a thirst to open the pages of your Bible and see what He has for you today? If you don't, pray about it. Because this is some good storytelling.


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