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The Walk of Life

May 5, 2022

From Pastor Joe Wamack

Many TV commercials make me laugh-especially the “quick fix” type. For example-weight loss pills that say “take two pills in the morning and the pounds melt off”. Or the one that says-“I got six back abs just by wearing the magic abs belt that works as I sit at my desk.” Or-“I learned Spanish in two weeks as I slept!” Or “having trouble with bad credit? We don’t care! We will lend anybody any amount of money for anything!”

People today want it simple, want it quick-and don’t want to work or sweat to get it. The idea of working and sacrificing to obtain a worthy goal is foreign to many. It is dangerous, short sighted, harmful, and destined to fail if we assume anything worth having is obtained easily. We imagine if something can be done, it can be done quickly and with minimal investment. So-physical fitness, losing weight, growing your career, building a healthy marriage, raising children, going to school-all of these we assume can be “quick and easy”.

Even the church world has bought into the “quick and easy fix”. Some think all it takes to have strong faith with God is a weekly visit to church or read-“Seven easy steps to a good prayer life”. Or it is the “soul vaccination” of a yearly checkup at church on Christmas and/or Easter.

The greatest challenge for anyone today is to deny the constant craving for the immediate and the casual. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone wants a short condensed version of the abridged version. Many are searching for the 3 bullet point shortcut to eternal life.

But Life is not easy. The truth is-the “walk of Life” is about dedication and perseverance toward worthwhile goals-such as an abundant life worth living. Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and this life more abundant.” (John 10:10). It is this long term commitment, this long obedience, this following for the sake of following which is hard to grasp and easy to let go of.

Nothing worthwhile was ever obtained without sweat, commitment, hard work and perseverance. If anyone tells you something different, they are just picking your pocket. Change only occurs when you are willing to be uncomfortable and create a new standard of excellence. Commit to a real life - that has real friend, real communication.


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