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February 9, 2023

From Jackie Payne

Have you ever felt God stretching you? Like when He asks you to do something that you are 1) surprised about and 2) curious as to why you got that gig since nothing in your previous life experience has said, “Yes, you’d be great at doing that?”.

The wonderful (and scary) part about when God stretches you outside your comfort zone is that you are in His hands. He sees it all, and He knows that you will either be okay (whatever that looks like) because you lean on the Holy Spirit’s guidance every step of the way or will fail spectacularly because you don’t.

Last year I felt God calling me to start volunteering to teach the Juniors Sabbath School this year. None of my previous experience has said, “Hey, you’re great at teaching this age.”

One-year olds? Check!

Pre-K kids? Check.

Six- or seven-year-olds? Check.

Twelve-year olds? Um…nope, I haven’t done that before. Granted, I have a twelve-year old so there’s that, but being a parent to one and teaching/leading a group of many is an entirely different thing. And yet, here we are.

So here’s to God stretching us, and to being open to whatever He is doing in our lives. Sometimes you’ve got to just trust that He actually knows what He’s doing (and you don’t) and then obey by taking the next step.

Where is God stretching you today?


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