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What is Project Restoration?

Project Restoration is a capital campaign to rebuild our walkway and fix the rooflines and roofs on our school and church administrative wing.

While our building doesn't define who we are as a church or our mission as Christ's

followers, it does create a first impression for those who come onto our campus. A leaky walkway and erosion can easily tell visitors we don't care about our church or our people. We want to restore the house of God so that we can minister to more people.

Drawing on the story of Joash, where individual people helped raise money to rebuild the Temple, we want each person in our church to feel empowered to be a part of Project Restoration.


Every contribution is valuable - all the way down to the youngest child who gives their pennies to Jesus.

What are the projects?

1) Restructure the church and school roofs, creating a traditional roof slant where the current mansard roof exists. The current roofline doesn't allow for gutters, causing erosion around the building, specifically along the back of the school and the ball field.

2) Rebuild the walkway with a new roof that mirrors the rooflines of the church and school buildings. The current walkway is literally falling apart. It leaks every time it rains and is a huge eyesore.

3) As we were preparing for this project, we found that our roofs as a whole have sustained wind damage. We made the decision to reroof the entirety of all three buildings (sanctuary, church administrative building and school).

Here are some pictures of the original state of our walkway and rooflines (and the erosion they have caused):

How much will it cost?

Project Restoration is projected to cost about $550,000.

As of March 31, 2024, we have $464,126.67 in hand!​

What will it look like when it's finished?

Something like this...

02 Marietta SDA Side Fin - 02.jpg
01 Marietta SDA Front Fin - 02.jpg

What is the Project Restoration timeline?

Demo started in July, and reconstruction of the roofs began in mid-August.

We hope this project will be completed in early 2024.

How can you give?

Through Adventist Giving




Click here to contact Kim Twomley, Campaign Director.

Be praying for our church as we work together to finish these projects.

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