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Blue Skies



Joseph Wamack

Senior Pastor

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. My wife Vonnie and I have been married since 1983. We have two married sons, Aaron and Adam, and two grandsons. I've been pastoring since 1990 and love my MAC family. God has blessed me with so much and so many opportunities to serve and support. Preaching and 1:1 conversations are my two favorite passions in ministry. We are privileged to serve here at MAC.


Eileen States

Associate Pastor for Youth & Family Ministry

I am first and foremost a child of God. I am blessed to journey through life with my husband Eric as well as four amazingly talented yet crazy kids. The driving force behind my passion for living and breathing and teaching about God is to be able to defend His character and to prove His amazing goodness all while revealing His love to a hurting, dying world. I desire to help paint a picture of God’s character that will help others find Him irresistible.


Hobbies I enjoy - Reading, hiking, backpacking, hanging with friends and family

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Jackie Payne

Office Manager

I am blessed to do life alongside my husband Greg, as we raise our two wonderful kids in this community called MAC. I have been privileged to serve in this church since 2004 and am continually amazed at seeing God's indescribable fingerprints in my personal life and in our church family. I love being outside, reading and spending time with my people.

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Leland Davis

Head Elder

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and attended 16 years of Adventist education.  Brenda and I have been married since 1999 and have three children and six grandchildren.  We both have been involved in Pathfinders and youth ministry for a number of years, and now I have been head elder at MAC for about five years.  I enjoy sharing the gospel with gospel illustrations, science experiments, and storytelling.  Brenda and I will be retired soon and looking forward to ministering for Christ in the coming years.


Stephanie Heath Nash

Carman Adventist School Interim Principal

My mission is to lay a strong foundation for students' academic, spiritual, and social growth. I am passionate and intentional about creating a warm, joyful environment where empathy, inclusion, and Christ-like behavior are valued, modeled, and explicitly taught alongside our rigorous academic curriculum. I strive every day to empower and equip students to become compassionate, lifelong learners, and independent, critical thinkers who contribute positively to their community.

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