- Seeking God's Vision For Our Church -
"Where there is no VISION, the people perish..." - Proverbs 29:18

While it would be easy for us to bumble along as a church without a vision or clear sense of direction, it doesn't honor God with our efforts and ultimately leads us to something that perishes.  Sounds kind of depressing, right?  That is why, since January 2017, the Marietta SDA Church has embarked on a process to define and embrace a vision that God has already placed on the hearts of His people in our church.  It sounds kind of funny, but our vision isn't something that a pastor dreams up.  Our vision isn't something that a church board writes down.  Our vision is something that is embodied in the passions and dreams of our church body, the members And because this vision comes from all the members, it is critically important for YOU, MAC Members, to contribute with your input and feedback.  This is YOUR vision!  It's OUR vision!  This is God leading in our lives, calling us to do something powerful for Him!  And although this is a constantly developing process that is evolving as the Spirit leads, here's how we are endeavoring to articulate the vision God is putting on our hearts.

We want ALL our active members to have a chance to participate in this vision process, so if you haven't already done so, please watch this video as well as respond to the survey below.


Pastor Matt will personally interview several groups including but not limited to: Elders, Church Board, CAS Teachers/Principal, Youth/Young Adult, Various Ministry Leaders
We will continue to gather input from the church at large by:
  • Follow-up Survey to the Church Health Survey in January
  • Elders will interview their membership group with the same questionnaire/template
  • Sabbath Schools will be polled
  • Social Media will be used to solicit input from our church family
A writing committee will be formed of creatives and wordsmiths that will analyze and refine the input to shape the core values and direction of our vision.  Ultimately, they will articulate a vision statement created from the input from the church body.
The vision statement will be refined and approved by:
  • Board of Elders
  • Church Board
  • Church Business Session
After there has been sufficient refinement and approval by the church body, a multi-week sermon series will be preached to launch the church-created vision.  A sequential visual aid will be used to represent each piece of the vision and to encourage each member to stay current with ALL aspects of the vision.  Video and audio recordings will be available for total member participation.  Statements of intent will be presented during each message to give practical ways of how the vision looks in real life.  At this point, there will be ways to repeat and integrate our vision into our church culture to keep it always in front of us and a part of all that we do.

While even the best laid plans sometimes don't work, I'm very open to comments, feedback, insight and your wisdom if you believe there are ways to make this process even better.  Please feel free to email me and help me lead through this process.  Of course, I covet your prayers as we seek the Holy Spirit's movement in our church to give us a God-given vision for His church!

Pastor Matt