It's Time To Serve!

This Summer has been dubbed the "Summer Of Service!"  It's time to make an impact in our community for Christ and BE the Church!  Over the course of this summer, there are multiple events that you can participate in as you let God grow you into someone that is more others-centered.  This is where you can take a major step towards being a disciple and not just a pew-warmer.  And, we're making it REALLY easy!  Here's how you can get involved...


On June 10, July 1 and August 19, right after church, we will be leaving our campus and ministering to the people of Marietta.  We have chosen several naturally-evangelistic people from our church to be leaders.  They are: Ashley Wade, David Kim, Debbie Moffitt, Jackie Payne and Shelly Sterling, and we've tasked them with using their creativity to come up with options for each of these Sabbaths.  They will be leading groups to go and minister to others and share the love of Jesus in practical ways.  You may go and minister to people in the hospital.  You might go and pray with people in a park.  You may go and pass out bubbles to kids at a playground.  The sky is the limit, but whatever outreach they lead, I'm positive that you will experience what it's like to be used by God to bless someone else.  Pay close attention to announcements leading up to these Sabbaths so you can know how to prepare.


Additionally, we want to make a major difference during an intense week of serving.  It's called Local Mission Outreach, and it will take place from

July 10-13.  The details are still being worked out, but we will most likely be either working with a local ministry each evening from 7-9pm, or we will select someone's home that needs some major work.  Maybe we'll be painting a porch or doing landscaping.  We might replace a roof or just help them clean their house.  Whatever we come up with, we will need A LOT of help, and there will be projects for everyone to participate in, no matter your skill level.  Put these dates on your calendar and come and be a part of something special!

As this summer begins, I can't wait to see how this Summer of Service will make an impact in Marietta as well as inside our church!