Get Connected

where community happens, where growth begins, where connecting is intentional...

We value connection, whether that happens over lunch during the week, sitting next to someone through a worship service, or being a part of a small group, we value connection!  It's a core value for us, and we want you to be able to connect too!

So, we've got connection options for each age group...


Cradle Roll

(ages 0-2)

Cradle Roll is theme-based as we sing songs and do activities that involve the child in various ways.  Parents are invited to join us as we have fun learning about Jesus.


(ages 3-Pre-K 5)

Pre-K Sabbath School is a class where kids learn a new Bible lesson every week via a video, crafts music and prayer.



(grades K-1)

Kindergarten is a fun, interactive class that teaches kids about Jesus and His love.  


(grades 2-3)

Primary is designed for 2nd-3rd graders to learn about Jesus and develop a knowledge of Bible stories and concepts of Christianity.



(grades 4-6)

Juniors is a group of 4th to 6th graders that focuses on stories from the Bible and how they apply to our lives.



(grades 7-8)

Earliteen Sabbath School is a great way for 7th & 8th Graders to connect with each other as well as see God through Bible stories and activities.  We always have a lot of fun!


(grades 9-12)

Youth Sabbath School is for highschoolers.  We strive to address relevant issues that might be affecting teens today.  In the end, our goal is to help them better understand where they are in their relationship with Christ.  Our discussions are very interactive and passionate.


Disciple Trek

Disciple Trek is a year-long journey through 4 classes that helps you become a stronger disciple and a deeper Christian. 
You can learn more about Disciple Trek HERE.

Quarterly Class

This group uses a quarterly-printed guide to discuss Biblical topics and find real-life application.  To see what topic this class is currently studying, click HERE.

A Closer Look

This small group reads different books written by Ellen White in an unbiased environment. They discuss and find life application in a non-judgmental way and are always open to new members in the group.

Prophecy Class

This class digs deep into Daniel and Revelation to see how God speaks to humanity through prophecy.

Pastor Wilma's Class

Pastor Wilma Zalabak leads a group that spends time reading through a book of the Bible and studying its implications for their lives.  Discussion is vigorous, laughter is often, and hugs are always available.

Connecting Class

The class collectively selects a book to study that reflects the needs of the class members with the intent to draw closer to God and to each other.  The class is facilitated as an open discussion group. 

Through the Bible

This group reads through the Bible, chapter by chapter, discovering God's application for their lives.

Women's Class

Join us as we look through the Bible at the lives and relationships of the women chronicles there.

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