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A New School Year

July 28, 2022

From Jim Hundertmark

Greetings MAC Family!

By this time next week we will have finished our first day of the 2022-2023 school year! If you came into the school right now, you’d see ample evidence of the hustle and bustle that occurs right before the kiddos come back to school. It’s an incredibly busy time, but I have to be honest, it’s really an awesome time! What teachers do is such important work.

Through God’s grace, Carman continues to grow. We stepped out in faith this past spring and hired a teacher for the coming school year, hopefully praying that we would have 110 students to start the year. The teacher that accepted that call is Miss Belonio and Carman is blessed that she did!

I mentioned that we hoped to grow to 110 students for this coming year. Again, God has blessed us tremendously, and it appears that we’ll open our doors to 127 students on August 4th! That’s 31 new students and 20 new families that are now connected to our MAC Family through our school.

Every year at Carman we build a beautiful family together. We believe that each student that joins us has been led here by God to be in this place at this time. It is our privilege to create a safe, happy place where students and their families are supported spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. We look forward to seeing the amazing things that God will do for us and through us this year!

So, as I sit here, excited for the upcoming school year, I want to thank our MAC Family for continuing to support our school. Your support makes it possible for all those little ones to come to a safe happy place where God is first in everything we do.


Principal H


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